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Traditional carpet walk-off mats do a good job of removing moisture and large particulate from street shoes - walk-off mats don't collect dust which is the main culprit when it comes to slippery hardwood floors - not to mention accelerated wear of the floor finish.

Slipp-Nott traction sticky pads (LS60, Trac Mate and the SS60) do an excellent job trapping dust but aren't designed for moisture and gross contaminates from street shoes or athletic shoes that are worn outside of the gymnasium.

Only Slipp-Nott Facility Mat combines the best of both worlds and creates the ultimate barrier to foot and wheel traffic dust on hardwood floor surfaces. Simply place a Facility Mat at each entry point to the playing surface and channel traffic across the mat.

The Slipp-Nott Facility Mat adhesive sheets are removed at regular intervals to insure a constant level of contamination control. In addition to a safer playing surface, Facility Mat prevents particle abrasion while extending the longevity of costly hardwood floor finishes. Create a safer playing surface and save money by extending the time interval between hardwood floor refinishing with Facility Mat.

Slipp-Nott Facility Mats
Base Sizes Small 26.5" x 63.5"
Large 36.5" x 92.5"
Adhesive Mats (4)FM2663 SMALL FM replacement mats - White 24" x 30" x 30 sheets (4 mats per box)
(4)FM3692 LARGE FM replacement mats - White 34" x 44" x 30 sheets (4 mats per box)
Slipp-Nott Facility Mat Sets with Logo FMS2663 Small FM with logo + 4 mats 26.5" x 63.5"
FML3692 Large FM with logo + 4 mats 36.5" x 92.5"

FML3692 $600.00
FMS2663 $400.00
(4)FM2663 $90.00
(4)FM3692 $188.00