Should a dealer sell you just any traction system?

Should a dealer sell you just any traction system?

The other day we placed a call to a former dealer who had purchased from us for years but decided to sell a knock-off.

After catching up with each other a little I asked him a series of questions:

  • Why did he switch?
  • How much he was saving?
  • If he knew that the knock-off was not originally designed nor manufactured for Sports?
  • Would it have made a difference if he did know?

There were other questions but for the most part, these were the core questions. As it turns out. He switched because a small set cost less. How much less? He didn’t really know nor did he care. Did he know that the mats were designed to be adhere directly to concrete floors? Nope, nor did he care. Was the fact that the base was so poorly made that it was practically disposable even a consideration?

Nope, as a matter of fact, it was almost a feature! At this point, he stopped me and told me that as long as he could save a few bucks — he was happy. He did not care what he sold to them as long as they didn’t complain.

As it turned out, after visiting with him on the phone, I realized that he did us a favor since Slipp-Nott wants dealers that are actually seeking the best products/value for their customers.

The more concerned the customer is about quality, value, performance, traction and injury prevention, the more we shine.

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