Who NEEDS the Custom Slipp-Nott?

Who NEEDS the Custom Slipp-Nott?

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a Custom Slipp-Nott set donning any of these logos?

Highlander Fencing Club Logo

Highlander Fencing

  • NBA,
  • University,
  • High School,
  • Fencing Clubs,
  • Fitness Centers or
  • AAU team
  • Sponsors such a Powerade, Adidas, ESPN…

Ever wonder why those teams get a Custom Slipp-Nott set?

PAC-10 logo

PAC-10 logo

Teams purchase custom sets for many different reasons. Some reasons are obvious some are not. Customs are just that, sets that can be designed to look EXACTLY the way YOU want them. It is this flexibility that makes Customs special because all custom artwork is designed and approved with the help of the client before we ever go to into production.

Stores and facilities buy them for branding clout. Fewer than 1% of the sets we ship out are customized and we ship thousands. When a team has a Custom — they’re NOTICED and ADMIRED.

What are the benefits to you when stepping out onto the court with a Custom Slipp-Nott?

Seton Hall Pirate's Logo

Seton Hall Pirate's Logo

  • Stores/Sponsors are provided with instant recognition in various ways depending on how the team acquired their Custom:
    • If it is store subsidized/donated, it could be a sponsorship while providing valuable store/brand promotion
    • If purchased, it could be advertising
  • You can design your own, one of a kind set with your team colors, text and team logo, mascots even sponsors
  • boost team morale
  • put the fear of God in the other team
  • a custom Slipp-Nott is much less likely to grow legs since it is so easy to see who it belongs to!

Why should you get a Custom from Slipp-Nott?

2009 Women's Volleyball DI Championships

NCAA Women's Div I Volleyball Championships

  • Store/Sponsor/Conference branded customs could be offered as prizes or gifts. The Custom would not only serve as a welcomed piece of equipment but a constant reminder to the team and their competition as to where to purchase their Slipp-Nott traction supplies
  • Slipp-Nott customs have been color-matched to PMS colors from the start so all logos we product are EXACTLY the right colors.
  • Slipp-Nott has been producing customs in-house since 1996, which means…
  • Fast turn-around: turn around relies on how quickly clients respond to the mockup artwork we email to them. Typically customs can be ordered and shipped in less than a week. If clients are quick to respond, it is not unheard of to have a custom ship out the NEXT day!
  • Large format digital printing, makes it possible for Slipp-Nott to offer FAST printing for as few as 1 custom base or as many as 20!
  • All Slipp-Nott bases come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Still need more?

How about this one – we are the only ones who can make a custom!

You still there? What are you waiting for?

Wheatland HS Custom

Sunbelt Conference Championships

Sunbelt Conf. Championships

Hot Springs Resort

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