Slipp-Nott vs Imitators

Slipp-Nott vs Imitators

Over the past eight years or so, several companies have popped up giving their traction mats away in an effort to garner support from our customers. One company sent a free sample to every NBA team. Most of them have fallen by the wayside, but there are always those that linger with the promise of a cheaper traction product or products that work “just like a Slipp-Nott”.  We thought we’d post a chart here that compares our traction products or “sticky mats” to those of the so called challengers. We use the word “challengers” because the fact is, Slipp-Nott products have no “competition”.   The following chart should make that abundantly clear.

Compare for yourself

How to choose a traction product

Update:  One company, “”, has made some major upgrades to their white plastic base – they now have a decal on it with their company name.  Their press release also announces that:

  • As an upgrade, their new bases will be even stronger AND LIGHTER!  If you read our previous post, the imitation Slipp-Nott bases in our opinion, were too light to begin with.
  • They will be offering a new “base customization” option for teams, businesses and individuals. Which is odd since they’ve always had that on their site (though like Bigfoot and the Loch  Ness Monster, we’ve never actually seen a picture of one)
  • They have also made changes to the color of the mat. It used to be white but the new color is going to be…wait for it, wait for it…WHITE!

Compare the offerings and do the math on how much a sheet is costing you and then make your decision. Our bases are made of either molded or machined ABS sheets covered by a sheet of rubber bonded to the bottom to completely protect your floor. The competition uses a die-cut plastic sheet with soft foam or a few patches of rubber stuck to the bottom. Sure cutting up patches of rubber to stick to the bottom of the base saves them money, but it also makes the base lighter and more likely to lift off the floor when walked on by an athlete.

The safety and well-being of your athletes depend on the equipment they use. How you spend and what you spend your money on is up to you.

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