What should a manufacturer be responsible for?

What should a manufacturer be responsible for?

The other day, I received a heavy piece of equipment. It came in two boxes. One box was particularly heavy but it did have some hand holds on the side — or did it??? They certainly looked like they were meant to facilitate moving the box but wait,  what does it say here next to the hole…

What does it say here?????

140 pound Chipper Shredder in a box

Wait a minute, is that right? You can use the hole as a hold but if you do, their not responsible if it doesn’t stand the weight? Huh? No way, let me take a closer look…

What's wrong with this picture???

Yes your hand can fit but don't put it in here

An access hole to access what? I can use it but if I do, you’re not responsible for anything that happens as a result? So why’d you put it there? You know, if a manufacturer is going to make something for you to use, then make it right. Don’t put it there and then tell us you can use it but whatever happens is on you!

What happened to accountability? Responsibility? Safety? Doing the right thing? It was a convenient place to put a hole but inconvenient to reinforce it so it could handle the weight of the contents? Then why put it there at all?

I’m done!

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